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Modern, Circles And Swirls, Runner, Black, Wool Rugs

Our modern circles and swirls rugs use a vast array of designs, patterns and shades. Darker colours used for the circular designs can inherit a decent border without even meaning to. Some circle and swirl designs are so mystical that they can look like the effect of lights bending in a swimming pool. We have many circle and swirls to choose from be it classiness, fun or funky. The runners in this range have been carefully designed to add the perfect touch to your room. We have various sizes available, suitable for the longest and thinnest of rooms. When you think of the colour of black rugs you get one colour in your mind and that's jet black. Of course, we have jet black rugs but we also have onyx rugs, licorice rugs, charcoal rugs and many more. Wool is a super soft natural fibre that is one of the most popular materials for rugs to be made from. Wool rugs are luxuriously soft underfoot and encompass your feet in comfort and warmth.

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Displaying results 16 of 6


All of our modern circles and swirls rugs have used the highest quality of fibres and materials when made. They're both soft and cushioned for the pleasure of your feet, as well as retaining a sturdy and reliable exterior. A runner can make a room seem bigger by pushing the walls out. They can also make a room cosier by adding style and comfort. Jet black is the most common shade of black that is known. Our variety of black rugs mix it up from the typical jet black rugs. We have midnight rugs, ebony rugs, oil black and many more. When it comes to a texture underfoot that is second to none then wool is the best option. It's natural properties are that it's super soft and also highly durable.

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